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What is this?

Here at Omnifarious Education we have peace in knowing our valued player base supports us in good faith. In patience we
hope to grow as the charity of our player base supports us. To emphasize charity we utilize our automated donation system
to give back to you, the user, in-game rewards depending on what server you play on. Currently we offer SCPoints, Money,
and Donator Levels in exchange for all donations that support this community.

How do I use this to get SCPoints and Money?

  1.     Sign into your Steam account.
  2.     Click the "Store" button on the navigation bar.
  3.     Make sure you read and agree to our Terms of Service.
  4.     Select an item you would like to purchase.
  5.     Go through the payment process.
  6.     The product is then automatically delivered to you next time you join the respective server you bought an item for.

How can I find your website or community?


We would love to have you drop by and say hello!